Aroostook 2020 01.02.19

Community collaboration..that was the main recommendation that came from the Caring for the Crown report. Now moving into 2019 the county's administrator, Ryan Pelletier says he wants to keep up the progress he feels we've made over the past year.

(Pelletier) "I like to see a little more activity in promoting the jobs here in the region to a wider audience, I'd also like to see the county, the region work together on trying to promote entrepreneurship."

Pelletier says they've been looking to others who have done this successfully.

(Pelletier) "I look across the border into Canada, they're doing a lot of work with young entrepreneur's incubator type stuff, places where younger people, younger professionals come together and share ideas and network on work that they do doing independently to try to get some collaboration going and I don't think we do enough of that here."

Right now there are many examples of collaboration in the county and Pelletier hopes those continue and inspire others to do the same.

(Pelletier) "My hope is in 2019, groups like momentum Aroostook that are hosting networking socials will continue that sort of thing and continue to work in regards to promoting entrepreneurship, I think we need our higher education partners, the community college, all of us kind of working in that direction because really. We can create jobs everyday but if we don't have people with entrepreneurial back grounds creating the businesses we won't have the jobs to follow."

Pelletier says it's important the county supports those interested in starting or moving a business here.

Ashley Blackford News Source 8