Aroostook Community Matters - Aroostook Mental Health Center

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 1:48 PM EDT
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Brown: "Our services have not decreased, if anything our services have increased."

Robert: Aroostook Mental Health Center and their 26 service sites across Aroostook, Hancock, and Washington Counties have been fulfilling the community's mental and behavioral health, substance use, support and recovery needs for over the past 55 years. AMHC's mission draws upon the core values of integrity, compassion, excellence, service, collaboration and respect in order to provide healthcare services that support and maximize an individual's potential to recover and improve their overall quality of life.

Brown: "When we think about AMHC, it's comprehensive services, a continuum of care -- where we have outpatient to residential, which is the 24/7. We have very low barrier services -- very easy to access -- a phone call away."

Robert: With the onset of the pandemic, continued accessibility to all of AMHC's programs was at the forefront of planning and implementation by Board members and staff. AMHC turned to the benefits of telehealth, in continuing their mission of supporting the community during these difficult times.

Brown: "While there have been barriers because of COVID, there's also been a reduction of barriers. So all of our services, that we provide are available through telehealth except our residential services, where our clients are right there on site. Otherwise we are able to provide that service -- being able to provide therapy. Being able to provide our behavioral health home services -- our case management/ community integration services -- have been provided by telehealth. There are some of our clients who have said, 'I really like this. I would really like to continue to do this, this way.' And our answer is, 'Why not?'"

Robert: With in-person and virtual health services continuing across the board at AMHC, more than anything during these times, it's important to remember that the support, care and assistance is always there. And that there is strength in reaching out.

Brown: "These are times when we really tap into our strength -- in how powerful we are as a community. How powerful we are as beings -- in terms of resilience. And finding ways to keep on, keeping on."

Robert Grimm, News Source 8.


--Christine Brown, Program Director of Community Integration | AMHC]

Aired: July 9, 2020