Aroostook Community Matters - United Way of Aroostook

Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 8:44 AM EDT
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To donate to United Way of Aroostook, consider giving to the COVID-19 Response Fund & GIVE-19 Campaign -- in further supporting several County community efforts and assistance programs during these difficult times.

Ennis: "We're really thankful for the support that the community has given us, and the businesses and organizations that have still continued to step up to help make things happen. Even though it is a really difficult and different time."

Robert: United Way of Aroostook has always been a leader within the County community – in building crucial partnerships with local-area organizations, and supporting and providing financial assistance for essential programs that take care of County residents.

Ennis: "United Way of Aroostook is always working to fill the needs in our community and mobilize resources."

Robert: With the added challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the necessity for additional support, relief, and community services became even more critical.

Ennis: "We knew that when our communities were faced with COVID, that the non-profits that we support and partner would see an increase in demand and constraint capacity, and concerns for the health and safety of their staff, and the clients that they serve. So we knew we immediately had to start a response fund."

Robert: United Way's Reponse Fund garnered new partnerships and initiatives, including support of suicide prevention and education through AMHC, assist in funding The Hope & Prosperity for Wellness Shelter through ACAP and University of Maine at Presque Isle, and additionally aiding a number of other community organizations.

Ennis: "Catholic Charities has done an amazing job at making sure that they have had food and the pantries have been able to access food. ACAP has created programs and they've handled the situation in an amazing way. They have seen the gaps and filled them. And they are an incredible, valuable resource to our communities. And all our partners have really stepped up and we've been proud of them and the way they have responded. We have raised so far over $100,000, but there's still a need. When our partners identified a need, they would come to us and we have been able to release funds on a rolling basis, as our fundraising has continued."

Robert: Donations to United Way of Aroostook, have gone a long way in continuing to strengthen critical programs that help so many within our community. It's important to remember that United Way, as well as many other County organizations are always there to lend a helping hand.

Ennis: "Asking help for us is hard. Admitting that you need help is hard for a lot of people. It's an overwhelming time right now for so many and asking for help doesn't reflect upon you as a person. It means you're a strong person who isn't afraid to admit that sometimes you need the assistance and support of one of our partners to get through this difficult time. You just need to make a phone call and ask. Our partners have the resources and the programs, and they've created more programs and have connected people with more resources. And they're ready to help. So all you need to do is reach out to them, because they're there, and they're doing amazing work!"

Robert Grimm, News Source 8.


--Sarah Ennis, Executive Director, United Way of Aroostook]

Aired: June 23, 2020