Aroostook County EMA Ice Jam Discussion

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) While many are excited for spring to finally be here, ice movement and jams are likely next week, along with the associated possibility of flooding. There is still a significant snow pack in place, so because of the rain, warm temperatures, and rapidly melting snow, there will be plenty of runoff.

All rivers will experience rises and likely ice movement, with the best chance for the ice to move early next week when temperatures have a chance to reach 60 degrees. Some rivers could reach minor flood stage due to snow melt alone, so any ice jams would further complicate the issue.

Be sure to take pictures and examine rivers from a safe distance and stay away from the ice in general. If there are areas of roads that get closed off, don’t go around barricades. The Aroostook River already has channels of water in places so the ice, while still thick in spots, will be weakening quickly.

A collaborative Facebook page, 'Aroostook County Flood Watch', is one way to share information you see on rivers with emergency managers, meteorologists, and public officials. It can be found here: