Aroostook County Hospital Warns Caution with additional Aroostook County COVID-19 Case

CEO of Houlton Regional Hospital Shawn Anderson posted to the hospital's Facebook page warning of the additional case confirmed in Aroostook County. The post made by Shawn Anderson says:
" As you may have seen, there is an additional case of confirmed Coronavirus in Aroostook County. This case was detected in the Southern Aroostook Region. Today, we are experiencing a heightened level of concern that additional confirmed cases from this region of the State will be announced in the near future. We wish to alert the general public that now is the time for extreme vigilance. Masking is essential – don’t take it for granted! Hand washing and gelling is critical. And Social Distancing remains very important. Please – this is the time, more than any other, to take these precautions. This is not a time for panic, but it is time for extreme vigilance.
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- Shawn Anderson
Houlton Regional Hospital"