Aroostook County Red Cross leader helps those in need in North Carolina in Florence aftermath

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Hurricane Florence may be long gone, but her effects are long lasting. These photos show us just a small glimpse of the devastation in parts of North Carolina. That's where Aroostook County Red Cross Community Manager Mary Green is.

"You know, it's really humbling when you see people's entire lives at the end of their driveway," said Green.

Green is in her third week of going out to different communities and assessing damages. Her main task is to find out what resources are needed- like one area, where people had been stuck in their homes for seventeen days.

"We were able to go to this community, and we found people just coming out of their homes, and they were devastated, so I called headquarters and that way they could get them immediate things, supplies, to get them through," she said.

Green says she's seen from the top of the state to the bottom. She and others in the trenches are tireless in their efforts to help people.

"We try to continually go back, if we can't access a road today, we're going to try again in a few days and again next week so we're inundating and saturating ourselves in these communities to get an accurate picture of what these communities look like," she said.

Green hoped to stay until next Monday, but with yet another hurricane moving towards the region, she's going to have to leave Wednesday, so she doesn't get stuck. She says though a new wave of volunteers has arrived in the area, she wishes she could stay longer.

"I hate to leave. I hate to leave. I feel like things are unfinished. And I know that with hurricane Michael coming, it will be with a heavy heart. I just feel like I have more to do," she said.

Green says we have a duty to help folks going through a day we could be in their shoes. If you'd like to do your part in donating to the recovery effort, visit

Green adds that her work down South would not be possible without her staff up here- she says while she's been gone, her office has remained open and operations haven't stopped.