Arootsakoostik brings great local music back to the County

This year Arootsakoostik featured 9 bands all of which were from the state of Maine and half of which had direct ties to Aroostook County. In true Aroostook County fashion, community members stuck out the rain and supported their local musicians. As the sun came out more people arrived to join in on the fun. This year marks the 12th Arootsakoostik to date. Arootstakoostik started 13 years ago and after a brief departure in 2017, it is back with a strong following. There were also multiple vendors attending the event which had everything from henna tattoos to funnel cakes and fresh handmade oven-baked pizzas. Arootstakoostik is a day for the community to come together, enjoy ourselves, and reconnect with our community while enjoying and supporting local musicians.