Basketball commissioner answers tournament questions

BANGOR, Maine - Basketball Commissioner Pete Webb oversees basketball throughout the State of Maine. He and his staff oversee the officials during the tournament.

Webb spent the morning in Bangor, traveled to Augusta for the afternoon and then made the trip to Portland the next morning.

"My role is oversee it," said Webb. "We have a Site Supervisor in Bangor, Dave Ames. The Site Supervisor in Central Maine is TJ Halliday and the Site Supervisor in Southern Maine is Barry Fuller. I am at all three sites during tournament time."

Many people want to know how officials are selected for games.

According to Webb, "The tournament staff of officials is derived from the schools. They have the opportunity to recommend 10 officials in alphabetical order. Once the officials are eligible for consideration their fellow officials also recommend their fellow officials."

Webb says the rules for high school basketball are the same throughout the Country. "We play to the same rules as the other 49 states do. They are not the MPA's rules, they are not the commission's rules, they are not the commissioners rules, contrary to what some people tend to think. We just carry the ball and represent the rules as our officials service the schools during the regular season and the tournament. "

One rule one interpretation throughout the state. The officials will be continuing to monitor the game as they always have.