Bees were the buzzing topic at the Nylander Museum

Published: Jul. 23, 2019 at 11:54 AM EDT
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Kids learned everything from how to make soap with honey to different type of bees that are in a hive, and what bees look like in a display hive. Jada Molton, the intern at Nylander, says that she has a personal connection with bees and wanted to give kids a chance to learn more about them.

"Personally, I've always loved bees! I've always been fascinated with how they help the environment and I've had quite a few friends that have kept bees. So, I just found it really important for how they make honey, how they help wild flowers and help pollinate a lot of our crops," she said.

Ethan Chouinard and his sister Sophia are up from Portland visiting their grandmother and decided they wanted to learn more about bees.

"I wanted to come here because my grandma told me about it and I did a little beekeeping activity in my school and I thought it was very interesting so I decided to come here and check it out and see if theres anything to do," he said.

"I think bees are just cool like how they pollinate stuff and like we don't learn about them a lot in school so I think it'd be cool to learn about them," Sophia Chouinard said.

And of course, other children there had other reasons why they went to the bee camp.

"I'm probably most excited about like the bee suit," Rylan Reed said.

"Well they sound interesting to learn about," Elyza Landeen said.

Molton adds that this is a great way for kids to continue learning even while on summer break.

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