Bernie Sanders in Bangor

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BANGOR, ME Americans we all have different points of view on many issues but when you run for president of the united states there must be a thresh hold for decency

This was the theme of the day in Bangor where Vermont Senator, and former democratic nominee hopeful, Bernie Sanders campaigned for Hillary Clinton to an excited audience. Many people who supported Senator Sanders in the Primary were at a loss when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got the nomination. Sanders now would like to bring those voters back saying Trump is not an option.

“I'm not going to lie to you, I wish I had won. I wish I was here as the democratic nominee but that did not happen so my responsibility as an American citizen, as a United States Senator, is to do the best for the people of this country. I think people will find Hillary Clinton far and away the superior candidate,” said Sanders.

Some Sanders supporters walked away from the rally rejuvenated and ready to vote Democrat...

“The fact that they are working together like this is makes it so much more thrilling to watch and it makes me really want to support Hillary more,” said Elizabeth Willard, a Bernie supported.

Others not so much

“Those of us who really followed Bernie Sanders and followed his campaign, what I think myself and a lot of others don't understand how Bernie Sanders has gotten behind Hillary Clinton,” said another Bernie fan, Justin Beth.