Boston police captain goes above and beyond to help Aroostook County family

Kori Malenfant and her family saw the best of humanity this weekend. The Malenfants were returning from a trip to New York for a brain surgery for the 19-year-old when they missed their train from Boston back to Portland. They were stuck at a cold and busy North Station for what would be two and a half hours.

Not only were we cold but we were really worried about someone jostling her, keeping her head and neck stable was really important following that type of surgery," said Wendi Malenfant, Kori's mother.

The family was looking for a place to store their luggage so they could go to a warmer place to wait for their train. They approached two Boston police officers who then brought Captain Kelley McCormick into the picture. He loaded the family and their luggage into his vehicle, and started driving.

"They looked tired, she looked cold, she looked very frail," said Captain Kelley McCormick.

"There was no explanation of where we were going or what was happening," said Kori Malenfant.

The Malenfants thought perhaps he was just driving them around to pass the time, until they traveled further and further north.

"It was probably about half an hour into the ride when I realized we're heading north and we're on the highway, 'is he really going to do this?'" Wendi said.

"We got to about Lynnfield when she realized, she goes are you driving us to Portland and I said yes this is a kidnapping but it's legal," said the Captain.

"My mom and I immediately started tearing up, my mom starts crying and we felt like we were dreaming it really didn't feel like it was real and my dad is in the front seat and he looks over at him and I could just tell he was looking for words and just trying to comprehend the situation," said Kori.

But there weren't words. Kori's parents saw him as a guardian angel of sorts, to do what they in that moment, couldn't do.

"He had the means to protect our child when we were unable to," said her mother.

During the more than two hour trip the Malenfants learned they were being escorted home by a man who has done some remarkable service.

"He's a hero saving lives you know in the marathon bombing but he's also a hero to people like us in Westfield, Maine in Aroostook County," said

Also a hero to the friends and family anxiously waiting for the Malenfants to return home.

"The moment I texted and said we're in the back of a police cruiser and are headed north, my dad actually facetimed us and the whole crowd in the background was clapping," said Wendi.

Some time after they arrived in Portland and said their goodbyes - Kori shared the story on Facebook and it's gone viral. People all over are learning about the humble cop who went above and beyond to serve and protect.

"He wouldn't want to spread that about himself so I knew I needed to do something like that," said Kori.

A generous gesture capturing hearts nationwide will stay these three hearts forever.

"We'll be telling this story for years to come."