Cameron Clark amazes people at Southern Aroostook Trade Show

Published: Apr. 19, 2016 at 8:46 AM EDT
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"You're really talented, wow." Said one passerby of Cameron Clark's vendor at the Southern Aroostook Trade Show Satruday.

He's always been a man of many talents.

"He really is fabulous. I mean he's doing these bears and people have really been flocking to his space," said Jane Torres, the Greater Houlton Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

At the age of 13, Clark was running his own lawncare business. Then one of his customers showed him Woodturning.

"He brought me up in his shop and showed me how to make a pen, and that was about four years ago," he said.

And that's how Woodturning by Cam got it's start. Since then he's made appearances at this annual trade show selling his handmade pens and picnic tables. This year though, he was feeling adventurous, so he started chainsaw carvings.

He said, "February vacation I bought a carving saw and I got some blocks of wood and tried it out. And it's working out well. You can get in on the eyes. The big saw you wouldn't be able to do that with."

He choose to carve bears because it's a good way to start out.

He starts out with a raw log, and uses a variety of tools to create the finished product.

"It's nice on the bears, it makes nice character and stuff. Even the knots are pretty cool on the ears and stuff," he said.

The pens start out as raw materials as well. He tinkers with them and inserts the mechanisms that make it a working pen, then goes to work on his lathe. Even adding in some touches that are close to home for him.

He said "Natural Wood, natural antlers on some of them of the pens, moose antlers. It's all natural work right here in Houlton."

Clark is set to graduate from Houlton High school this year. He says he plans on continuing his education at Husson University to acquire a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Entrepreneurship. Which will keep him a jack of all trades for years to come.