Caribou Election Results

Referendum Question 1: Voters rejected a third casino to be located in York County. 1296 voted no, 394 voted yes.

Referendum Question 2: Voters rejection a measure allowing them to join 31 other states in expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. 974 voted no, 711 voted yes.

Referendum Question 3: Voters approved a $105 million transportation bond issue. 1177 voted yes, 507 voted no.

Referendum Question 4: Voters approved a constitutional amendment dealing with the state pension system. 943 voted yes, 697 voted no.

Voters elected three town councilor's for a three year term: Hugh Kirkpatrick, Mark Goughan and Nicole Cote

Voters elected two school board members: Ronald Willed and Jan Umphrey-Tompkins

Voters elected one hospital board member: Kevin Barnes