Caught on camera: Strong winds send restaurant workers flying into the air

CLEMSON, SC (WYFF/CNN) - Terrifying moments for staff at a South Carolina restaurant were caught on camera.

Strong winds in Clemson, S.C. grabbed a large tent and sent it flying. A restaurant employee holding on was hurtled over the roof of the nearby building. (Source: Zachary Balogh/WYFF/CNN)

Howling winds and strong rain battered Clemson on Monday evening as Esso Club employees fought the storm to try and hold down their event tent.

And then it happened: The tent went airborne and took two employees with it.

"The bigger tent that we installed that morning just kind of took off," said Candice Bell, Esso Club general manager.

One woman was dragged several feet into the air and slammed with a table, knocking her to the ground. Another employee, Samuel Foster, was lifted well above the roof and thrown into the side of the building, hitting the gutter and landing hard.

"All of our stuff is getting blown away, and I'm trying to save all of the work we'd put into it," Foster said. "It took a second for it to register but then I'm like 20 feet in the air, and all I could think was I've got to land on this roof."

EMS responded to the scene. Foster was able to walk away from the accident but had to get stitches above his left eye from where his head slammed the gutter.

The woman is recovering from her minor injuries as well.

The business' management said the damage to Esso Club itself was minimal, and it reopened the day after the storm.

Foster said he plans to return to work Friday.

"I'm really thankful for God for looking out for me there," Foster said. "Esso's been really supportive. My friends, my fraternity, I'm really thankful for all of that."

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