Chamber hosts annual Houlton Trade Show

HOULTON, Maine - The Millar Civic Center was hopping with activity over the weekend, as the Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Trade Show. Kathy McCarty was there and has more.

Whether you were looking for a tractor or an ATV, wanted a delicious treat or were in the market for a wood stove or electric fireplace, Houlton's annual Trade Show was the place to be over the weekend. The festivities gave people the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and break the winter doldrums.

"We have some great vendors. We have a guy who makes guitars, Carp Guitars. He's actually a cabinet maker and this is what he does for a hobby. He has some beautiful, custom-made guitars here."

Kevin Carpenter says he's a carpenter by trade and a guitarist as a hobby, so it was only natural to combine the two crafts into one-of-a-kind instruments. He says he's had a steady stream of people inquiring about his work.

"Yes I have. Yuh, yuh. A lot of people like the different kinds of wood. I also do repairs. I work, you know, fix 'em up and keep 'em running."

Organizers decided to plan the show a bit earlier this year.

"We have done it at the end of April before, but if you get that 70-degree day, people want to be outside in their - in their yards, so we decided to do it a little bit earlier, and it really worked out well for us. Let's get out and look and see what we can get for the springtime. It's awesome."

A little snow didn't prevent visitors from taking in the show on Saturday. Jane Torres says she expected over 2,000 to attend the popular event. Proceeds will benefit the community all year long.

"It goes back into the chamber to run events throughout the summer. We do a Brew Fest, we do Midnight Madness, Potato Feast, Canoe Race. We do all sorts of different things."