Changes coming for Spectrum customers

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - It's a transition that means better picture quality, more content, and faster broadband speeds for customers right here in the County. Spectrum began an upgrade to an all digital conversion just days ago.

But for those who didn't realize that the conversion meant they needed a two way digital receiver, it could currently mean no TV.

"They had notices up, from what I understand, that said if you don't have the box you need to get the box," said WAGM-TV engineer Brett Lovley. "Some people went and got them, some didn't pay attention to it and so they're a little behind on that."

Lovley said he's received quite a few phone calls from confused customers. If you're a Spectrum customer, you have to get a receiver. He says you can also watch WAGM-TV off the air by buying an antenna. That would allow you access to three of our channels and four MPBN channels.

"There's a lot of places that sell off air antennas and some you can put right in your house and they're a high gain antenna that will amplify signal. And as long as you don't have metal or trees blocking it, you'll get seven channels."

Tom Rutledge, the Chairman and CEO of Charter Communications, said, "By going all-digital across northern Maine and removing analog signals, we free up capacity in our network for faster internet speeds, more HD and On Demand options and pave a path for future innovation."

Lovely continued, "You really don't have too much of a choice. That's the way technology is going and we have to follow along. It's a lot of money and work to change it over but if you look at the quality of the picture compared to what it used to be, its so much clearer and so much better now."

Spectrum customers can get a digital receiver sent to their home by visiting or by calling 1-844-278-3408.

Customers can also pick up the equipment at a nearby Spectrum location.