Checkstops on National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day

The RCMP in New Brunswick will be conducting checkstops on December 2nd as part of National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day. The day has been selected by police forces across Canada to check for impaired drivers.

In 2016, New Brunswick investigated 58 collisions resulting in 64 fatalities. 29% of those crashes involved the use of alcohol or drugs. Impaired driving is still the number one cause of criminal death in Canada.

"The New Brunswick government recently passed new legislation that now permits police to issue immediate driver's licence suspensions," says Cpl. Ryan Lewis of the Tactical Traffic Enforcement Unit. "Since the law was passed on November 1, 2017, the RCMP have issued 49 driver's licence suspensions and also impounded more than 24 vehicles".

The legislation allows police to suspend a driver's licence immediately for seven days if the driver has a blood alcohol content of .05% milligrams or higher. The length of the suspension increases with each subsequent suspension.

Impaired driving remains the number one criminal cause of death in Canada. The RCMP New Brunswick remind people to call 911 should they suspect a driver is impaired.