Collins ranked most bipartisan U.S. senator

Published: Apr. 24, 2018 at 2:11 PM EDT
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A study released today by the Lugar Center and Georgetown University ranks U.S. Senator Susan Collins as the most bipartisan Senator for the fifth consecutive year.

The Bipartisan Index uses an objective formula to give each Member an overall score based on the frequency with which a member sponsors bills co-sponsored by at least one member of the opposing party and he frequency with which a member co-sponsors bills introduced by members of the opposite party.

“I have always believed that Congress produces the best legislation when it listens to diverse viewpoints and receives input from both Republicans and Democrats. Given the growing chasm between the political parties, I feel a special obligation to bring both sides together and find a path forward to address some of our nation’s most pressing problems,” said Senator Collins. “Hyperpartisanship has prevented action on too many crucial issues for far too long. I appreciate the efforts of the Lugar Center to restore bipartisanship and civility in Congress, and I am delighted that my work to foster these principles is reflected in this Bipartisan Index.”

Senator Collins received the highest bipartisan score in the 25-year history of the index.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont had the lowest Bipartisan Index score in the Senate in 2017.