Colored glass class helps beat winter blues

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - An art class held in Mapleton on Saturday provided a creative way to chase away the winter blues. Kathy McCarty has more on the fun craft of making glass suncatchers.

For many, doing things outside in the winter isn't an option. But what does one do to pass the time on cold winter days? Those attending a class in Mapleton over the weekend learned how to create their own suncatcher, socializing, with coffee, juice and doughnuts as they worked.

"This is Christa Judkins, and we thought we would start doing classes for people who maybe didn't want to have the whole experience, 'cause it does get dirty, but just wanted to have the fun of making a suncatcher, puttin' it together, plus a social, you know - nice time to get out with your friends."

Wark says she's loved stained glass since childhood.

"I used to go to church in Washburn and they had stained glass windows, and I remember when I was young thinking 'wow, those are really nice,' and then I saw it at SAD 1, Adult Ed was having a class and I went and took it, and it happened to be the teacher's last class he was teaching, and six months later they called me and wanted to know if I would teach it. That's how that all started."

She's been sharing her talent through classes over the past year or so.

"We had some at Christmastime with ornaments, and now we are doing a springtime - birds - try to just get people out of the house and have a good time."

While the class is popular with women, Saturday's class included at least one man.

"The Mrs. brings me along. We find it to be this fun - I think for couples to do, instead of a movie and things like that. Where there's not really a lot to do up here, something kind of fun to get together, make a day of it, grab lunch after. But they make really cool little things in the meantime."

Guyan says the instructors are patient and helpful, and he encourages others looking for something crafty and fun to do to give it a try.