Community Comes Together To Make Christmas Baskets For Those In Need

These People gathered early in the morning to start making Christmas baskets for people in need. This has been a tradition for years and is the second biggest project the rotary club does.

"It’s a project that the rotary and the knights of Columbus have taken on for many years delivering food baskets to needy families in our area of Limestone and Caswell," Coyle Peter Huntress, President of the Limestone Rotary Club said.

Coyle has been doing this for as long as he has been in rotary.

"We have an application that folks fill out for needy families and Pats and Larry put it on the computer and tells us how many cans of this that we need and we put it together with the boy scouts and the citizens of the town for delivery. We pick a day, Saturday normally the last Saturday before Christmas.," Huntress said.

Coyle started to get involved, when he was a boy scout. Now, he is trying to get other scouts to follow in his footsteps and help community members in need.

"We’re trying to pass it on to get our younger scouts interested in this. Kind of that’s where I started many years ago in Fort Fairfield," Huntress said.

Coyle and other rotary members are showing the younger boy scouts and the community what the true meaning behind Christmas is.