Community leaders look to boost local workforce

Community leaders are looking for ways to boost northern Maine's workforce.

Tuesday morning, business, education and other community leaders gathered at Northern Maine Community College to unveil an ongoing workforce development effort called the Northern Maine Growth Initiative.

NMCC President Tim Crowley says the organization will be a critical tool in helping keep and more importantly grow a skilled labor force in the County within the next few years.

He says without some creative collaboration and brainstorming, the future of Northern Maine's workforce remains bleak. But, he says a boost in labor in some specific industries could turn things around.

"Manufacturing is an area that we need to be pinpointing," said Crowley. "Also healthcare. Those two areas are substantial components of our economy, and the technology in the manufacturing area is changing, so finding people that can do the work that can manage the systems that can operate the base in Aroostook County is important to us."

Crowley says the next step for the organization is to put together a strike team to visit some of the areas where there is a potential for more employees. NewsSource 8 will continue to look at the importance of workforce development in a one hour special on May 30th called "Aroostook 2020."