Community members of Caribou were thrown in Jail by the Caribou Kiwanis

For the last 25 years, the Caribou Kiwanis has been doing the Keystone Kops, where people can purchase arrest warrants and send their friends or family to jail.

"It's a type of thing were we can get out into the community, have a lot of fun, arrest some people, put them in jail, and take their picture, and then send them back home," Dean Rauch, Member of Caribou Kiwanis, said.

"there's a couple of things you can check off or you can just make anything up. We'll go out and pick up the person, bring them back here to our jail, and have them come before the Kiwanis judge where of course there all going to be found guilty and after a little bail money we'll take them back," Bill Francis, immediate past president of Caribou Kiwanis, said.

Francis says the money raised will go towards charities they sponsor.

"We sponsor two key clubs, the MSSM key club in Limestone and the Caribou key club but we also sponsor the builders club at the middle school. We sponsored the Cub Scout pack and their leaders for chartering and several other smaller funds as well, the diabetes camp and many others," Bill said.

When Francis saw how many arrest warrants there were, he was excited!

"Oh it's fun! It is a lot of fun and everyone is very good spirited about it and enjoy it and they get in on the fun," Bill said.

Francis says they plan to do this again next year.