Comparing the numbers

"We took a look back at the cancelation rates."

It's a time line of percentages to show how United is shaping up at the Presque Isle international airport.

"Going all the way back to 2012 and put them in a chart for city council to look them over and then do their own assessment."

Scott Wardwell is the airport's director. Last year the airport switched from Pen Air to United. The change was met with some resistance. Now that the airline has settled in, Wardwell crunched the numbers to see how the numbers compare.

"We not only looked at cancellation rates here at Presque Isle going back to 2012, we also looked at, we did a comparison on cancellation and on time rates with the two major airports in Maine, Bangor and Portland and that comparison was their United service down to Newark and how we kind of stack up."

For the third quarter average which contains United's first three months in Presque Isle, the average total is the same as the year before when Pen Air was in service. The fourth quarter saw a 1 per cent decrease in cancellations compared to the previous year.

"What my mission was, was to provide the numbers to the decision makers, city council to help them assess where they think things are as far the new united service."

The amount of people using the airline service out of Presque Isle has gone down a bit. For the third quarter untied saw 3301 passengers, compared to 2017 where the same quarter saw 3875. In the fourth quarter in 2017 Pen Air had 3046 passengers, 2018 saw 2946.

"It's basically a mixed bag, United there's some people who like the change and have positive things about it, but conversely it hasn't worked for everybody."

The city of Presque Isle gave the final recommendation to US DOT when the airline switched from Pen air to United Airlines. That two year contract will be up for bid again soon.

"They'll have an opportunity to assess other opportunities in less than a year."

Wardwell says he hopes these numbers give people an idea of how things are going.