Council searching for solutions for problematic street names

EDMUNDSTON, New Brunswick - At a special public meeting of City Council, the Place Naming Committee (responsible for evaluating and recommending names for municipal streets and spaces) will be recommending to Council a strategy to correct the situation of street names that appear in doubles and triples throughout the city.

The meeting is being held on Tuesday, May 22, at 7:30 p.m., at City Hall.

Residents who would be affected by the changes have received or will receive in the coming days a written communication inviting them to this meeting and to an information session to be held on Thursday, May 24 at 7 p.m. at the Convention Centre.

Each problematic street name (about 40 throughout the city) was evaluated by the Place Naming Committee taking into account several factors and was assigned a score to guide committee members in their recommendations.

The proposed changes are aimed at:

- eliminating potential sources of error for emergency services and public safety
- optimizing the delivery of mail services
- facilitating orientation within the city (geographical location by GPS)

"This problem is not new," said committee spokesperson Nicole Lang. "Some time ago, City Council asked us to come up with a strategy to make the necessary changes. In many cases, these changes are eagerly awaited by citizens who are bothered by the confusion of addresses."

Before making the changes, a whole series of steps will have to be taken, particularly with regard to modifying the municipal by-law, which will take place over a period of approximately one month. If the changes are adopted by the Council, the affected citizens will be accompanied in the change of address process and measures will be put in place by the City to facilitate the transition.

"The last thing we want is to create problems for citizens," Lang continued. "The measures that the City will put in place will ensure that citizens do not have to pay any costs, and will have all the tools to make the changes over a period of twelve months. The new names we are proposing have been selected as a result of comprehensive historical research that showcases important people in the development of our communities."