Counterfeit bills discovered in Presque Isle

The Presque Isle Police Department is telling people to check their wallets, after counterfeit bills were discovered in the community. Kathy McCarty spoke with police and has more.

KM - Det. Kristopher Beck says an arrest was made recently, after counterfeit bills turned up in Presque Isle. He says there are still some fake bills circulating in The County, including twenties and hundreds.

KB - We've made a criminal case and people within Presque Isle have been charged and the Secret Service has been involved, so we're cracking down definitely.

KM - Police have seen attempts to pass phony money as the real thing - and in some cases, little effort is made to disguise the fake bills.

KB - We've seen everything. Movie money that says right on it that this is not real currency. And we've seen - I think it was hundreds - hundreds or twenties, I can't recall which, but it had actually Russian writing on the back of it.

KM - Counterfeit money can enter communities in a number of ways.

KB - We've seen a few instances where snowplowing - you know, we've got this storm coming. The people who plow will go and typically get cash from their customers, and sometimes mixed in with that will be a $20 or a $50 that's worth absolutely nothing, and these people don't know until they go to put it in the bank. And trying to track down, you know, who specifically you got that bill from could be pretty difficult if you have several customers.

KM - Beck says that all too often, an innocent party unknowingly ends up with the problem bill.

KB - It gets passed around, whether you go to Walmart or a convenience store, you get it in change, and if you didn't look at it, you don't know, so now you're gonna pass it to somebody.

KM - Beck advises folks to just stop and take a minute to look at the bills. He says if you just take a few seconds to look at it, it becomes quite clear it's not legitimate. Kathy McCarty, NewsSource 8