County agencies make use of donated radios

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - It's said one man's trash is another man's treasure. Kathy McCarty met with two officials to talk about how unwanted radios from a downstate agency will be put to good use by theirs.

When the Falmouth Police Department approached two Aroostook County agencies asking if they'd be interested in some used radios, both jumped at the chance to acquire what to them was new equipment. The Aroostook Band of Micmacs and North Lakes Fire & Rescue welcomed the donation that will enable better communication year-round.

"The tribe was in need of mobile radios, which we've never had any mobile radios in any of our tribal vehicles before. And three of our critical vehicles - our two plow trucks and the bus - had no communication needs, especially in the winter months, and also with the bus year-round traveling throughout Aroostook County."

In the past, they only had handheld radios, making regular communication difficult. Having the new equipment will be a definite improvement.

"This is gonna be a great, you know, asset to the tribal community to the Tribal Emergency Management Program."

For North Lakes Fire & Rescue, the decision was based on need. With three branches serving a large region, the radios - both mobile and handheld - will allow department officials to better stay in touch.

"Of course we said yes, we could use those, that would fill a void that we have. Communication is always an issue in The County, especially up north where there's higher terrains."

Communication is critical when responding to a fire. Gibson says the radios are compatible with what they and other departments use, which will enable personnel to speak with each other in the event of an emergency involving more than their own agency.