County residents take advantage of early voting

The election is days away - but many have made their decisions and turned in their ballots already. Thursday was the last day of Maine's early voting period...local officials say many took advantage of it.

"We have had probably 87- probably end up being close to 100 absentee voters," said Easton town clerk Cheryl Clark.

Clark says that's a higher number for her small community than four years ago. She says if that's any indication, they'll have a busy day next Tuesday.

"Just because of all the interest and there's a lot of information out there and people are pushing people to vote and so I do think I'll have a good turnout," she said.

Just a few minutes away in the Star City, City Clerk Thomas King says they've had 876 requests for absentee ballots, and more than 700 have been returned.

"So it's literally a mountain of ballots that we've already received," he said.

King says he certainly didn't expect this level of activity...what he does expect is a decent turnout on election day too.

"Politics are on everybody's mind. There are a lot of hot button items out there, and I think part of it, people are tired of business in usual in Washington as well," he said.

Both clerks feel confident that voters understand ranked-choice voting. They're also confident that they'll have more than enough ballots ready to go as voters file in and out.