Couple who survived Covid-19 urge others to take the virus seriously

CARIBOU, Maine - A doctor's recommendation to go south to alleviate seasonal affective disorder, ended a few months later with a Caribou couple being treated for Covid-19. George Knorr and his wife, Joyce, left in December to spend a couple months in Virginia. Like most tourists, they took in the sights, visiting restaurants, shopping, and going to church. George was the first to seek medical treatment when he began feeling, in Joyce's words, 'not so right.' He was given an antibiotic and sent back to their resort. Still not exhibiting symptoms, but not feeling right, George returned to the clinic.

"The doctor came in - I don't think he was in there five minutes - checked my lungs and everything. He said 'Well, I can keep you here but I don't really have the equipment.' He said 'I'm gonna admit you.' He called an ambulance, went out to the parking lot - she was waiting in the car and let her know what was going on. And that was March the 12th, I believe, and they took me in the emergency room and that's the last I seen her till May," says George Knorr.