DOT crews are hard at work cleaning up and making our roads as safe a possible

(VO) In his 12 years as the region manager for the Maine Department of Transportation's Northern Region, Bob Watson can't quite remember a winter season like this one.

Bob Watson: "I mean we've had early snows in late October early November, but it always seems like we get early snow and then we get warm weather and then it goes away and this is unusual in that its stuck around and it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere anytime soon."

(VO) Watson says last year from October 1st to this time they'd used a little more than 450 thousand dollars of their budget. This year they've used about 1.4 million dollars. Their overall budget for the year though is 22 million dollars so he says he won't be concerned unless this pattern keeps up.

Watson: "Yes we've spent more than we did last year at this time but usually things even out over the course of the season we've got a lot of winter ahead of us"

(VO) A lot of that money has gone towards salt- so far they've used 5800 tons, and comparing that to this time last year, they'd used 1400 tons. His other concern with winter starting early is snow arriving before the ground had a chance to freeze.

Watson: "You always worry about the ground being soft and getting equipment stuck or tearing up real estate things like that."

(VO) Watson adds that they've got a good crew ready to handle storms like this one and those to come. In Presque Isle, Katie Zarrilli News Source 8 >