Dunn Furniture closing after 110 years

HOULTON, Maine - Family-owned furniture and flooring retailer Dunn Furniture has announced that it will be closing the book on it's 110 year history.

“My grandfather started the business in 1908 with a couple of local business people,” said Frank Dunn, owner of Dunn Furniture. “It originally opened as a furniture store combined with a funeral home. We survived a fire; experienced growth and multiple expansions; and endured difficult times after Loring Air Force Base closed in 1992 and our business dropped about 50 percent. We have appreciated all our customers and made a lot of friends through our many years as part of this community.”

Dunn proudly recalled that the store was well-known throughout Aroostook County for its downtown window displays, which his father implemented after being inspired by Macy’s on a trip to New York City.

“Each year the displays got bigger and more elaborate,” he said.

The store was first located on Court Street under the local movie theater during the time of silent movies. After a fire in the same year it opened its doors, Dunn Furniture moved to a hotel building with the first three floors dedicated to furniture and the fourth floor as the morgue.

In 1971, Dunn Furniture moved to its current location and over the next 15 years expanded to occupy a 30,000-square-foot building.

Dunn says the business was hit hard after Loring Air Force Base closed in 1992. He says "about 40,000 people were displaced from the community and county.”

Dunn Furniture is located at 141 N. Main Street in Houlton. For more information, visit the store website at www.dunnfurniture.com.