Easton Students Raise Money and Surprise One Local Charity

It started out as a normal speaking engagement for Dixie Shaw Program Director of Hunger Relief for Catholic Charities Maine. She spoke to this classroom about how she helps run food banks across the county. But that wasn't all these students had planned.

Senior Bree Clayton says, "we were breaking down the statistics food insecurity, 17 students at Easton would be food insecure and that's bigger than some class sizes here. "

Paige Flewelling who's a junior says, "we knew that the food bank really needed our help and so we thought of a fun way to raise money for such a good cause with EHS project pie what we called it." Doing a whole week of fun activities and raising money with friendly competition

The goal was for the class to raise 300 dollars and surprise Shaw with the check.

Flewelling says, "we totally went above and beyond what our goal was really awesome."

In fact, they more than doubled their goal… they raised 660.50.

Dixie Shaw says she is "So blown away by the amount of money that this little class this little school raised. However, I should not be surprised."

To raise the money students raffled off a chance to pie a teacher and held themed dress days in which students would pay to dress up. Shaw says she will use this money to help the 24 food pantries she serves in the county. But that isn't the only benefit to this project.

Cecelia Ferris is a junior, she says, "by raising all this money it helped me understand that you can still make a difference no matter how small your school is."

And one student says that it's easy to feel insignificant being at a small school like Easton. But after raising all this money she says that being from a small school shouldn't be scared to do big things.

Clayton says, "we raised over 600 dollars in our small school it just shows hey we are just a bunch of kids if we can do this I think you can as well. "

The entire class says the fundraiser was more than just throwing a pie in Mr. West's face it was really about giving back.