Elderly woman stabbed to death in robbery outside Walgreens in Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN) - Officers are investigating after an elderly woman from Houston was stabbed to death in a Walgreens parking lot and the man believed to have killed her was fatally shot by a police officer.

Officers are investigating the stabbing of a woman in her 80s, who leaves behind children and grandchildren around the state. (Source: KTRK/CNN)

The victim, a woman in her 80s, had been widowed in recent years and lived alone. She was very independent and would drive to do her errands. On Saturday morning, she went to the neighborhood Walgreens and picked up a prescription but never made it back to her car.

She was stabbed in the chest by a suspect, a man in his 30s, who had allegedly been seen across the street asking grocery store customers for money and scaring them with a knife, believed to be 6 inches long.

“What makes me angry is this suspect stabbed an 80-year-old woman then goes down, rifles through her stuff and tries to steal her car,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.

An HPD patrol officer and 9-year veteran of the force arrived on scene shortly after the stabbing and ordered the suspect to get out of the victim’s car. Acevedo says the suspect began going toward the officer with a knife, and the officer fired twice, killing him.

The victim, who leaves behind children and grandchildren around the state, died after she was taken to the hospital.

Neither she nor the suspect were immediately identified.

“This is tragic, but the most tragedy here is that a woman has died from a guy who attacked her for no other reason other than to steal from her and carjack her,” Acevedo said.

Investigators were reviewing surveillance video from the Walgreens and the officer's body worn camera.

Saturday’s shooting death is the fifth fatality involving HPD officers since April 21.

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