Electrical Fire in Bridgewater

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The Bridgewater Fire Department made a quick call for assistance from Monticello and Mars Hill Fire Departments on Tuesday morning when responding to a house fire at 9:33. Homeowner Cherry Cowan dropped her granddaughter off at the Bridgewater Rec Department and returned home 5 minutes later to find her smoke detectors going off.

The cause of the fire was a dehumidifier located in the basement of Cowan's home. Damage has been limited to heat damage in the basement and smoke damage through the house. Damage was relatively minor because Cowan kept the doors and windows shut, limiting the spread of the fire until firefighters arrived and were staged to begin suppression. The home was insured.

In all, 25 firefighters from the 3 departments were involved in suppression and overhaul operations that limited damage to the residence. The fire departments were assisted by Emera, and Crown Ambulance was also on scene to insure firefighter safety.

In 2013 the Bridgewater Fire Department distributed smoke detectors to all homes in the town with help from a grant by the Aroostook County Fire Chief's Association. The smoke detector that provided Cowan with the early notification was one from this program.