Elks Lodge Holds Junior Bowling League

"Well it’s really good and I’ve gotten a few strikes and some spares" Ariana Jenkins said.
"I like it all!" Natalie Curtis said.

These kids are testing their might and seeing who can get a strike first! The Elks Lodge started the Junior League bowling many years ago, but started to allow kids to go in for free two years ago.

"So the elks have been paying for their bowling for the last two years." Ed Easler said.

Many kids go bowling, but depending on the year, numbers can be as high as 40 kids!

"Some years you can have up 30, 40 kids and this year is pretty decent with 25." Easler said.

Kids can’t get enough of bowling either! They all have difference reasons as to why they love being here.

"I like having a bowling league. It’s really fun for the little kids to get out and enjoy having fun." Addison Hafford said.
"I like it a lot! I think it’s good for little kids and older kids to come out and have fun and like having a fun time with their family and friends." Jazmyn Brown said.

"It’s pretty fun cause you can just come here in the morning to get out of the house." Hailey Bois said.

Kids get some exercise and had some fun to!