Proposed Energy East Pipeline continuing to divide the people of western New Brunswick

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EDMUNDSTON, NB (WAGM) - The Energy East Pipeline is a hot button issue in New Brunswick and all across Canada. The pipeline would travel from Alberta to Saint John, New Brunswick if it is completed. Two communities that the pipeline would flow through, disagree on some major points of the project.

Mayor Cyrille Simard of Edmundston says that the community is worried about the project that would flow through the city. Just down the road Plaster Rock is behind the project and believes that it will help create jobs. Plaster Rock Mayor, Alexis Fenner says, "They will bring with them about 6,000 people to work on the pipeline. It will take 3 to 4 years to build. Those are people that can pay mortgages and put food on the table. It isn't going to fix all the problems but it is going to help."

Mayor Simard says it isn't about being for or against the pipeline, it is about what is best for the people Edmundston. He says that the watershed would be at risk because of the pipeline. The city would have to build a large and expensive water treatment plant. "And in the eventuality that you have a spillage that would reach our underground supply, we don't have another source of water within the municipality." He continued on to say, "We understand that the possibility of zero risk without going around the watershed is impossible, but the risk has to be at least somewhat acceptable."

The province is continuing to weigh the pros and cons of the pipeline. As of now no timeline is set for a decision on whether it will be built.