FFA program keeps up with needs of today's businesses

FFA has had a long-standing tradition of serving as a starting point for youth interested in learning more about agriculture. In Washburn, school officials are looking for ways to tie the program to courses being offered, including science and math, to better prepare them to meet the needs of future employers.

Larry Worcester, Superintendent of MSAD 45, says "What I'm hearing too from the growers is that the technology has changed – that it's becoming more and more technical and students have to, you know, be educated. And the new technology, you know, like the tractors now are running on GPS, and, you know, everything's goin', you know, in that direction. So, you know, we gotta – we gotta stay up – and have our kids, you know, the new people are getting into the business to be educated in that area.'

Hollie Umphrey, Adviser of the Washburn FFA program, says "There's so much more out there, you know, equine, if you're into horses or whatever, horticulture, you know, even those who want to maybe just work and do their own floral – forestry program. All of it's part of it."