Fairs wrap up festivities for another year

HOULTON AND PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - It's been a whirlwind of a week for people in The County who have attended events at the Houlton Agricultural Fair and the Northern Maine fair. Heat has impacted both fairs, but with temperatures expected to decrease over the weekend the fairs hope more people will come out.

Paul Cleary, President of the Houlton Fair, says "Weekend looks good though, cooling down a little bit, Sunday looks beautiful, still a lot of good activities, I mean Saturday is our demo derby day, so no matter what the weather people will come out for the demo."

Lynwood Winslow, President of the Northern Maine Fair Association says "Couple of our big nights that we typically have threatened rain all day and sometimes we feel the threat of rain is worse than the rain but we were lucky to get them in here for the truck pull and the demo derby last weekend so we're hoping to catch up a little bit this weekend."

Both fairs offer a lot of events for people of all ages. The Northern Maine Fair Association's Free Festival goes until July 6th and the Houlton agricultural Fair runs until the 7th.