Fall prevention classes are being offered to help the older population strengthen their balance.

Falls are the leading cause of death in the older population , so the Aroostook Agency on aging is working to prevent those falls from happening.

According to Joy Barresi Saucier, Executive Director of Aroostook Agency on Aging, 1 in 4 elderly people have a fall, only half of those falls are reported to physicians. With falls being such a concen for elderly people, Saucier says the agency is adding courses to help strengthen their balance. Right now, they have a class called A Matter of Balance, but soon they will be adding an enhanced fitness class and Tai Chi.

"I was speaking with one women who is taking the courses and she likes to walk in the woods with her husband and she said she was struggling with that but after she took the course she felt very confident tromping through the woods in search of the perfect animal," she said.

The new programs are made possible by a $450,000 grant through the Administration of Community Living.

For more information on the A Matter of Balance Course: http://www.aroostookaging.org/matter-of-balance.html or call 207-764-3396 or email Information@aroostookaging.org.