FitSource 10-9-15

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PRESQUE ISLE, Me "Today we're going to be focusing on hockey. It's fall time, which only means one thing, hockey season. It's my favorite time of year. We're going to go through a strength conditioning session based on hockey," says Brian Morrison, an Athletic Trainer at County Physical Therapy in Presque Isle.

"We're going to start with a warm-up, a general warm-up to kind of get the blood flowing, get the heart and lungs moving," says Morrison.

"We're going to focus on the hips. Hip mobility is very crucial with hockey players," says Morrison.

"What I try to incorporate is lower body balance, strength, lower body explosiveness. A lot of core strength. There's a lot of off balance work that you have to work on in hockey," says Morrison.

"We're going to get into some foot speed and lower body explosiveness," says Morrison.

"We're going to get into some balance training. We're actually going to get some sticks and what we call speed balls out for training hand-eye coordination and stick handling," says Morrison.

"Some core rotation strength work," says Morrison.

"And then we're going to finish off with a good cardio circuit on the slide board," says Morrison.

County Physical Therapy is located at 5 North Street in Presque Isle. You can give them a call at 769-2160 or find them on Facebook at County Physical Therapy Athletic Development Program.