Flooding continues to be a problem for County residents

AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Maine - Lakefront properties are still surrounded by water.

"This isn't typical spring runoff," said homeowner Tony Gagnon. "It's much, much higher than it's ever been."

Gagnon's backyard is almost completely covered with water.

"Always puts you on edge and I'm sure that all the campers around the lakes here and the lakes in Northern Maine have that uneasiness in the spring of the year like that when it happens."

Darren Woods is director of the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency. He says water levels have gone down a bit, but some areas are still inaccessible around Portage Lake.

"People are anxiously waiting to get in and start doing some damage assessment, find out just exactly what happened there."

Woods says many people are comparing this year's flooding with the major flooding of 2008.

"It's very different from 2008," according to Woods. "We didn't have the rise in the St John that created the problems that we saw then, but what we had this year is the rise in the lakes some areas. It's kind of unprecedented levels of water that's causing some damage, so it is different."

Gagnon says every year at this time people around the lake expect some flooding, but not to the levels its reached this year.

"Fortunately with this weather we've been having it's been holding out and it's been going down quite rapidly."

EMA will continue keeping a close eye on water levels around Portage Lake and the entire county. Woods says they're hoping to be able to access most of the damage later this week.

Flooding is still a problem for other County residents as well.

Waterfront properties in Sinclair continue to deal with the high water level at Long Lake, with several residences surrounded or nearly surrounded by water.

Route 1 north of town was reduced to one lane, as water crested the banks of the lake and spilled into the road.

In St. Agatha, the causeway between town and Pelletier Island remained closed.

In Soldier Pond, several houses became their own islands, as the Fish River flooded the heart of the community, making boats the only safe way to reach the homes.

The road through town remained closed over the weekend. It will be days before owners will be able to access their properties to fully assess the damage.