Flooding creates challenges for emergency services responding to calls

If you're in need of medical attention but you live on a flooded road, how will help get to you? Kathy McCarty met with a Presque Isle firefighter to find out.

KM - Covering emergencies can be difficult in rural communities, especially when flooding is involved. Captain Vince Baldwin says it's a matter of teamwork, working with other departments when responding to calls in places like the Gardner Creek Road. He says the Presque Isle Fire Department's Ambulance Service provides coverage for that area.

VB - The fire department will assist in getting the patient, if we can't get to them by vehicle, and we will stage the ambulance at a certain point on the Gardner Creek Road and they'll bring the patient to us.

KM - In Presque Isle, responders have more tools available to assist with patients stranded by high water or other impediments. Crews set up at a staging area, using whatever equipment is necessary to reach the individual.

VB - In Presque Isle if we have similar incidents - we have some road floodings and closures in town - we have an ATV, we also have a toboggan that goes with it, so we can get to various places, within reason, to get to the patients.

KM - It's truly a team effort when it comes to aiding those in need.

VB - We all work together to create the common goal. We also use other resources, if needed. We have the Warden Service who can assist us with their resources. We also have other ones, such as Border Patrol, and things like that that have other resources to help out.

KM - Baldwin says this time of year it can be difficult to reach individuals by vehicle, boat or even ATV. Sometimes the only way to reach someone is on foot.

VB - It just really depends on where the location of the person is. If they're in a home, it's a little bit easier. If they're in a field road or something like that or - then we may have to take alternative methods to get to them.

KM - Washburn is a shared area, when it comes to ambulance coverage, between Caribou and Presque Isle's services. Baldwin says both departments would be dispatched in instances when one department might be delayed, such as a road being flooded. He says this ensures an individual gets the help they need, when they need it. Kathy McCarty, NewsSource 8