Former MSAD 1 superintendent says there's more to the story on his resignation

An undermining. That's the word former SAD 1 Superintendent Brian Carpenter is using to describe the circumstances behind his resignation.

Carpenter resigned as superintendent of SAD 1 nearly three weeks ago- his reason being that the school board was going to move for a vote of no confidence in him.
This after the school board sent out a survey to SAD 1 faculty and staff- with the results showing that many didn't believe he had the leadership ability necessary for the job.
Carpenter believes an effort to remove him took place behind the scenes - and he also believes someone from the outside- not a school board member- was steering the wheel.
He says the board itself wouldn't know how to run this survey and make this vote without guidance.
He says when he first started in the position three years ago, the district wanted changes, and he worked hard to make those happen.