Fort Kent Girl Scout sets up community cupboard

FORT KENT, Maine - A desire to prevent others from going hungry was the driving force for a Fort Kent Girl Scout's project.

Emma Landry saw a need in her community and decided to do something about it, creating a Community Cupboard that she hopes the public will help keep stocked with non-perishable food items for those in need.

"I decided to create the cupboard because we have a local food pantry in town, but it's only open one day a week, and it's really hard with people that have busy schedules - with people that play sports and stuff. So I wanted to create a cupboard, that way if in case of an emergency if you needed something, you could go and grab it."

A Senior member of her troop, Landry is encouraging other kids to get involved in their communities with projects like the Community Cupboard. For Scouts, she says it's a good way to earn awards, while doing something good for others. Landry says she appreciates the public support in helping stocking the cupboard, which is located at the Fort Kent Town Office. Anyone in need of food is welcome to take what they can use, or leave what they can.