Fort Kent Public Works using new product to treat ice on roads

FORT KENT, Maine - Removing ice from roadways is a task every community in Aroostook faces each winter, with limited success. Looking to improve their efforts, the Fort Kent Public Works Department is using a new product that helps the salt they use adhere to the roads. Public Works Director Tony Theriault says they used to use a sand and salt mix on roads outside of town. In town, however, they only used salt.

"Last year there's a state guy that come up and he was trying to - MDOT guy - he was trying to convert as many towns as he could to pre-wetting their salt, to conserve on salt usage. And there's a few Council people in town that were questioning it, the town manager and this and that, so it came up to the Council meeting and talked about it, and they decided to go with it," says Tony Theriault.