Forum hosts annual trash and treasure sale

"Trash and treasure. One man's trash is another man's treasure," Chris Standefer, board member for Central Aroostook Humane Society, said.

Clothing, dishes, and even a stereo were some of the many things that were for sale during the annual Trash and Treasure sale! Standefer adds that this is a great way for people to get out and enjoy the warm temperatures.

"I think it's a way especially in the Spring for the people to get out and see some nice crafts," Standefer said.

"People look forward to this event because everybody's tired of our long winters, especially this year, people have been in, cooped up so this event they really look forward to it to get out," Sandra Bonville, adminstrative assistant for the Forum, said.

Bonville says that the trash and treasure has been happening since she started working at the forum.

"Trash and treasure been going on probably since about 80… in the early 80's. At least by 84 cause that's when I started here and I do remember it back then," Bonville said.

Vendors were able to set up in 10 by 10 spaces. Some vendors had as many as 5 spaces so they could sell as much as possible! Bonville says she has seen a variety of items sold. Bonville and Standefer were excited at the amount of people who showed up!

"We look forward to the show and a lot of our vendors do too because it's their favorite show. It's fun, you get so many people that you haven't seen all winter long cause everybody's out and about and it's a fun show," Bonville said.

"I think it's great and the weather is cooperating this year," Standefer said.

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