Free genealogical services now available at Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library

Genealogy is the new trend.

Despite the fact that genealogy was the luxury of the wealthy, nowadays everyone has access to plentiful information and resources in search for his/her own history and identity.

The extreme recent interests from the public in search of its DNA and its ancestral background was a “blessing” for genealogists that saw their information expand and as such a wider pool of information that could aid on the history of our civilization in a greater expand.

Presque Isle has a deep and fascinating ancestral background that anyone can research at the Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library. The library recently was able to create genealogical access for anyone interested in their past.

Sources include old newspapers of the area (digitized through the 1940s), ancestral obituaries, old ancestral charts from five generations, family group sheets, and also a variety of books about Acadian and French history from the area.

The public now can access the website for free with the new browser system in the library’s third floor reference area. Individuals that want a more interactive experience pursuing their ancestral background can also talk to staff and volunteers at the library.

The library has several volunteers, many of which are well versed on tracing genealogy. Assistance is available with genealogy most Tuesdays from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

For more information on the ancestry research or the library and its services, please contact the library by phone at (207) 764-2571, in person at 39 Second Street, or on the web at