Fresh Air issues statement following last weeks crash in Presque Isle

Bill Bélanger, the Director of Operations for Fresh Air LLC, issued the following statement regarding the crash that occurred last week:

"Fresh Air would like to update the public concerning the aircraft incident on November 22nd. We at Fresh Air are all hoping that the patient, flight nurse and the flight paramedic, are all doing well, as all reported injuries are minor.

The FAA was at the incident site Friday November 24th.

There was nothing but high praise for the pilot and his skill in getting people on the ground safely. They said he did a really great job.

We all knew Glenn was a top notch pilot, but it's nice to hear it from outside professionals, especially the FAA. Fresh Air takes great pride and confidence in the abilities of both of our pilots, Glenn as well as Gene.

No issues with maintenance, the FAA was again impressed with the quality of the maintenance on our fleet.

The flames seem to come from a fuel component, not related to maintenance at all. Again, we all knew that our director of maintenance, Jimmy is top notch in his profession. Praise from the FAA is further reinforcement. The NTSB will be up to remove the suspected components and follow up with the manufacturers of the faulty parts.

Fresh Air wants to thank all of the public for their warm comments and concerns. We feel proud to have served our community for these past 17 years transporting over 3200 patients. We look forward to continuing our mission of service to this fine community."