Goliath telescope will be at Hannaford Supermarkets in Caribou for those who want a close view of the moon

Weather permitting, Mr. B will be at the Hannaford Supermarket in Caribou this Saturday and he will be bringing his Goliath Telescope, which provides astounding views of the moon!

"The temperature will crest at a happy twelve below zero but why complain, it's maybe 200 below on the night time side of the moon so it's a warm night for us. Then, I'm gonna bring Goliath telescope which is taller than I am. I'm a tall guy and you can bring your family and go to the moon," Mr. Berz said.

Also, we have another sky treat to look forward to, a lunar eclipse will occur on January 20th and we will have more on that next week.

Berz will also be bringing a team from the Maine School of Science and Mathematics and two additional telescopes.