Governor signs off on recreational marijuana law

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) Governor Paul LePage said he has signed off on the results of a referendum that legalized marijuana in the state.

Voters in Maine narrowly approved legalized marijuana in November. Tuesday during an appearance on WVOM radio, LePage said everything that has crossed his desk related to the election is now signed. But the governor said he remains skeptical of whether it's wise for the state to implement legalized marijuana for recreational use. He added it would be appropriate for the Legislature to put a moratorium on the sale of marijuana until a regulatory structure is funded and in place.

Proponents of legal marijuana say regulations will take about nine months to establish. LePage's proclamation of the election results also means that it will be legal to grow, gift and possess marijuana for personal use in 30 days. That means Maine residents will be able to home grow by the end of the month.