Grand Jury Indictments November 2017

On November 9th, the Aroostook County Grand Jury completed its 11th session of 2017 and handed down 52 indictments against 51 individuals with 0 “no bills."

The indictments included 20 year old Graydon Warner of West Chapman. Warner was arrested in September after police searched his car and found 7.8 grams of methamphetamine, a scale and other drug paraphernalia. He was charged with Unlawful Trafficking in Scheduled Drugs.

27 year old Corey Boucher of Grand Isle was indicted on Reckless Conduct with a Firearm, Domestic Violence Terrorizing with a Weapon, Tampering with a Victim, Domestic Violence Assault and Aggravated Criminal Mischief. In September, the Aroostook County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call from a residence in Grand Isle around 1 a.m. The Sheriff’s Public Safety Dispatcher who answered the call could hear a man screaming at a woman. Multiple gunshots could also be heard, followed by the man telling the woman he was going to kill her. Troopers said they recovered and seized several firearms and a large number of handgun shell casings during their investigation. According to police, bullets passed through the exterior wall of the residence and struck a neighboring home. No one in that home was injured.

Also indicted were 39 year old Christopher Cyr and 36 year old Patricia Hyde. In July, police received a report that owners of a local farm stand in Blaine had their cash box damaged and the money stolen from it. Police learned that several farms stands in the Central Aroostook area had their cash boxes broken into and the money stolen from them. During the investigation surveillance footage obtained from some of the farm stands helped to develop a suspect vehicle and persons of interest in the crimes. Cyr and Hyde were arrested, along with Wendy Bartley. Cyr and Hyde have both been indicted on two counts of burglary and theft.

The full list is in the PDF attached to this article.